Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

The European Union doesn’t raise interest rates either. Only the U.S. raises interest rates. South Korea also does. South Korea should never agree to a rate hike this time. The Bitcoin asset market has soared due to COVID-19, but I don’t understand that Bitcoin is now falling under pressure to raise interest rates in the U.S. The number of Omicron confirmed patients around the world is increasing, and children in Korea.Youth confirmation is also increasing. Real estate value or bitcoin value has to rise and fluctuate, but if real estate value does not fall and bitcoin value is falling, China is already losing its real estate bubble due to the Hengda incident, as you can claim or predict that the collapse of real estate value is just around the corner. China does not raise interest rates. With Corona economy is in progress. If you had endured swearing from your mouth, you would have been a Korean financial mafia who could make such remarks in the current situation.The global economic market itself allows watermelon seed ballad real-time, pass COVID-19 to be fully allowed with the lower limit, the Vi system, and the amount of short selling limited to the scope delegated to the consignment exchange.If the ecosystem has been changed, whether the vaccine is currently useless or because the vaccine is unvaccinated or because it is a one-time eight-month-old, or because it continues to change, this is why oil prices have risen as if the second currency market Bitcoin market is at the center.Is it because cars are selling well? The production and supply of electric vehicles continue to increase, and oil prices are rising because faith in the dollar is losing trust in oil-producing countries. Will the conflict between Russia and Ukraine help the United States? If Russia decides to conquer it with Ukrainian power, it will take less than a week. Now the United States is losing its sovereignty due to abuse of dollars, so it’s not easy to find a breakthrough. The released dollar led the stock market, led the Bitcoin market, and led the real estate market, but U.S. hedge funds, which shake the U.S. stock market and domestic stock markets due to interest rate hikes, are attempting to collapse and collapse the visible Bitcoin market. The stock market, which has led to a worse stock market than last March, is likely to panic soon, with financial investment (securities firms) handling counter-individual credit volume, disappearing the January market and soar from February. The holiday starts this Friday, and the Korean stock market is closed from then to next Wednesday. It is increasing from last year’s number of confirmed cases in the world. See if there are institutions, pension funds, and foreign purchases, especially on the 3rd when financial investment can take personal opposition and next week’s Mokgeum market, the Bitcoin market will continue to rebound in line up with the U.S. market, but supply and demand improvement.Wouldn’t the domestic beat market get better with the entry. When the beat rises, Tesla rises, Nasdaq rises, when the spread of COVID-19 begins, Untact rises, Nasdaq rises again, and learning effects in 2020 will lead the market again, and I don’t think whether the Bitcoin market will soar immediately or repeat like last year. There are many people who will look at the trend and enter, so there is no sharp decline due to the emergence of beekeeping that has not been pushed back and hit a 10% low after a technological rebound. I planned to enter Ethereum for $2,300, but this section never comes to the 2,350s, then rebounded sharply, and now I’m playing in the 2,450s, but the low-point section won’t break easily due to any variable. If it’s pressed a little bit more than a chase, good luck. Bitcoin growth will soon be directed. The heads of the world’s economy, who do not know how serious the Omikron virus is, are likely to freeze this time, as they should touch the interest rate hike card after predicting that the more serious COVID-19 crisis could proceed in 2022. What the chairman of the Korea Exchange says today is that short selling should be fully allowed to be incorporated into the MSCI advanced index. The vaccine itself is now useless. If the Fed starts to raise interest rates to recover the dollar as a topic of price stability to abolish the U.S., the economy will be very likely to enter stagflation. Should we say a U.S. Fed rate hike in this market? Currently, I’m touching a rate hike card caused by inflation, and if the economy slows down again under the astronomical current situation, I’ll have to reinvest more money. Personally, if we raise interest rates at this point, the abolition status of the U.S. will plunge. It is difficult to raise the U.S. interest rate because it is unlikely to sell against the local stock market and create a stock market upward this week, and it could lead to a slump in the end.

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