Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Preparing and studying makes it visible and it’s my choice to catch it. Currently, Bitcoin’s volatility is too high, so I have to invest for a long time through split purchases, and I have no choice but to manage cash with a negative account anyway, which is the only way. You can see what the largest Bitcoin holder or producer is like now. At the end of the Middle East, which was sold in oil euros, Bitcoin will go toward the United States. In order to protect the dollar, it also creates a war in Iraq and somehow links oil to the dollar. Like Woo Seok said, the mayor will be the judge. Powell has a history of inflation after suddenly raising interest rates by 9% in the 70s. I think it’s getting organized more while writing, but anyway, I hesitated to write my grounds for buying Bitcoin. Energy such as electricity is also linked to coins, so it can be seen that it also establishes value. Currently, U.S. inflation figures are scheduled to rise in March with early tapering in 40 years, and Biden has an overwhelming number of votes in the market due to inflation. However, if the dollar’s liquidity is supplied with stable coins, liquidity can also be solved like the Petro-Dollar Circulation System. Cash holdings may be the answer, but I bought a small amount of Bitcoin. Dollar is linked to oil and coins are produced by electricity. Therefore, regulations on stable coins are currently being discussed. Will Bitcoin really meet the stability liquidity, the condition of key currency? Bitcoin is guaranteed stability with a limited supply, but it falls into Trippin’s dilemma because liquidity is not met. In order to take over as a hegemony in the virtual world, the United States must collect Bitcoin. The United States does anything to protect the hegemony. Let’s go to 1BTC by 2025. Opportunities still pass by me countless times. What’s the value of Bitcoin? It’s still based on trust. If Bitcoin is not collected, other countries will increasingly gain supremacy in the virtual world, so it will have to be collected. I think stock coins may fall further due to shock. (I think this is groundless) Even if Bitcoin’s value eventually converges to zero, it will be minus 1-2,000 due to split purchases, and if it converges to infinity such as 5 billion won, it will be a lot more profit, so I think it’s right to invest in opportunity costs.

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