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If you use the 토토사이트, you will inevitably repeat withdrawals and deposits from your account. User, who bets for a small amount every day, may not be applicable, but if you continue to bet on Toto at a high price, you may be worried about one thing if you are caught in an investigation network and are asked to attend for illegal sports Toto(스포츠토토).

There are also places where you can bet on sports Toto with Bitcoin.

I would like to explain it with Cloudbet, 1xBit, and Coingame that exist representatively.

  • Cloudbet: There are many inconveniences for Koreans because it is a noticeable site when searched on Google and requires only two coins: Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. In order to access, you need to bypass the IP and the site speed is very slow. While it is popular, there are quite a few cases of eating and running, so please be careful when using it.

  • 1xBet: Although deposits and withdrawals are free due to the use of cryptocurrencies in various stocks, the time is very slow to deposit and withdraw. We support Korean, but there are no domestic users due to the difficult and complicated process.

  • Pinnacle: Not only in Korea but also in Korea, it is more recognizable than BET365 because it is a place where users can bet on both sides. In addition to Bitcoin, there are various means of deposit and withdrawal, so you can enjoy sports betting by depositing money in a way that suits your circumstances.

Cash, a major means of trading on Toto sites, can be tracked by financial authorities, and as it is an illegal transaction, users and companies have to endure anxiety due to its significant risk.

However, Bitcoin can guarantee anonymity, which reduces the risk of being tracked and relieves users’ anxiety.

In the end, more and more companies are switching to Toto sites where Bitcoin can be paid.

However, as mentioned earlier, most of the overseas sites are being introduced, perhaps because of the poor domestic perspective, and finding a domestic site is like finding a needle in a desert.

The biggest reason why you can’t find a domestic site is a system that ordinary users are not familiar with.

Of course, it is not reliable because it has just begun to be used, and from the public’s point of view, the transaction process is still complicated and slow, so even accessibility is poor.

However, since it is difficult to use overseas sites for Bitcoin payment methods, most of them give up and use domestic sites.

It’s very important to go through the eating and running(먹튀) verification process.
The most important thing is to verify eating and running(먹튀). In the case of Pinnacle, it is a site that can deposit KRW, but I think the reason for depositing and withdrawing using Bitcoin is security. Due to the nature of Korea, if you are not using a Batman(베트맨), you can be charged with gambling for violating the National Sports Promotion Act, so there is always a risk for companies with relatively poor security.

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