Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

There were no rate rises or war worries to replace, but gold and crude oil soared while Bitcoin and other alts sank. If the rising trend is rapid, it’s worth attempting to sell after observing short-term changes.
I believe the 4-hour high will provide short-term support, but I only observed it and chose to take up a long position akin to a breakthrough sell after it was discovered.

In the event that 42310 is breached, I will establish the position escape route and then do a U-turn to fire.
All of the things I lost yesterday were recovered, but I didn’t leave a record of it.
However, if the trade goes exactly as planned, I won’t have anything to say. If there is even a single hit for an hour or two, I plan on trying long position trading, but if the trade goes exactly as planned and I earn 4,1414 zeros, then today will be spent setting everything up and resting.

My transaction was ready to be terminated when I heard the alarm go off, so I completed liquidating my profit in anticipation of the price rising to roughly $1300, at which point I would have canceled my buy and cut the stick.

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